Dahvynya Stables

Specialized in overo american miniature (AMHR) and shetland horses  (ASPC) 

Cross Country Flash Dance (HOF)

Flash is a gorgeous bay ASPC/AMHR/BMP mare that was born in the US in 2017. She is tested homozygous for splashed white overo and is LWO-. She is not only a winner in halter but also a very good mover. She is broken to drive too.

Besides having fantastic markings, she has a very good conformation too. She has a pretty head, an upright posture, a short back and a smooth body. She has a very sweet, friendly and easy to handle, well behaved character too.

She will be a match to "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses" for a late 2021 foal in august.

SMHC's Fabulous Victoria

Victoria is a stunning black pinto foundation ASPC/AMHR/BMP/NMPRS mare (born in 2013 in the USA). Her sire is "SMHC's Freedoms totally fabulous", a AMHR Unanimous National Champion, AMHR Grand Champion Get of Sire, and World Grand Champion Stallion. He produced Grand Champions in several countries.

She is the 2014 All-star International AMHR Champion mare.

Victoria can move spectacular. She is very friendly, well behaved and very smart. She has a stunning appearance and a natural show attitude.

Flying G's Bedazzled

Bedazzled is a stunning silverdapple bay sabino overo (LWO-) ASPC/AMHR/BMP/NMPRS filly (born in the USA in 2014), with a gorgeous head, long pretty neck, smooth body, and long legs, not to mention her very unique loud markings. Bedazzled is sired by MO Breaking News EDV, who is proving to be an exceptional sire. He has been shown at Congress since 2009 and is a National GRAND Champion Modern Pleasure Stallion Under, in addition to 4 other Congress Champion titles in halter, 1 Congress Champion title in driving, and 2 more Congress Top 10's.

Bedazzled's dam is CLC Baile Del Sol, a gorgeous Multi-National Champion Producing mare. We expect great things from Bedazzled.

She will be exposed to "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses" for a 2021 ASPC/AMHR foal.

Lilac Hills Keno's Hot Mess Express

Hottie is a Foundation ASPC/AMHR/BMP mare that was born in the US in 2019. Her sire is the amazing ASPC/AMHR stallion "Rhapsody's Mr. Millionheir (HOF)" AKA Keno. Keno has had a phenomenal show career that includes an undefeated show season in 2014 with 29 Grand Championships and a Pony of the year. Furthermore Keno is a two times Congress Grand Champion.

Her dam "Lilac Hills Eyes on the Prize" is both an ASPC Congress Champion as well as an AMHR National Champion. She is sired by our own 5x National Champion and first premium stallion Ramesses.

Hottie has a very stunning upright neck and proud attitude. She moves good and is just gorgeous. She is going to be a future match to our young stallion Twice.

Dahvynya's Roman's Lady Lúthien

Our stunning mare "Erica's Trotters Something Special" had a gorgeous foundation ASPC/AMHR filly in 2020 sired by multiple 2017 & 2018 congress champion "Lilac Hills Kenos Chromin Roman". She has 4 white socks and a spectacular conformation. She has a short back, long legs and an amazing neck.

She has a friendly and sweet personality & she is a good mover. 

Fireballs Divalicious

Divalicious is a gorgeous black frame overo ASPC/AMHR mare that was born in the US in 2019. She has spectacular loud markings on both sides. Besides her awesome color, she a pretty and refined body with very long legs. On top of that she is a sweet and friendly girl too.

We cannot wait to match her to Ramesses in the future!

Dahvynya's Ramesses' Lady Galadriël

Lady Galadriël is a beautifull bay overo ASPC/AMHR/BMP filly with one blue eye. She has a gorgeous conformation, with an upright hooky neck. She has fantastic markings too, she is sabino and splashed white overo and does not have LWO. 

Besides being beatifull, she is a sweet, human focussed girl that is a very good mover too.

Comfert Into The Night

Our black sabino overo ASPC/AMHR/BMP mare "Comferts Into The Night" is sired by the ASPC/AMHR stallion TSL's Ravens Nighthawk (HOF). He has produced muliple congress and national champions. She was born in the USA in 2015.

Belle has a stunning neck and a very pretty dished arabian head and will be a future show stopper!

Belle has awesome loud sabino overo markings, a perfect comformation and she is our most impressive mover. She has a very cute, spicy character and is very curious. She does have LWO.

TF Versace's a Wee Bit White

Donatella is a stunning blue eyed ASPC/BMP mare that was born in the US in 2015. She is tested LWO negative and homozygous for splashed white overo. As you can see she is a fantastic mover. She also already is an ASPC Congress Champion producer.

She is a very sweet and relaxed girl that is way more pretty in real life.

For 2021 she is confirmed in foal to Silver HOF, Congress Champion & pony of the year "Modern Hersey Spirit (HOF)" AKA Ares.

Dahvynya's Attraction's Precious

Since her sire "Wauk-a-Way's Feature Attraction" is now a gelding, this gorgeous blue eyed filly is the last foal sired by him ever. Precious is a foundation ASPC/AMHR/BMP registered 2020 mare with a beautiful & small dished head.

She is a frame and splashed white overo. She is a sweet and friendly girl that is very small. She could very well mature under 34 inch.

HLC Rock E Blue Eyed Dancer

Our blue eyed silverdapple bay splashed white overo (LWO-) ASPC/AMHR/BMP mare "HLC Rock E Blue Eyed Dancer" has double "Bar-G's Rock "'E" (HOF)" bloodlines. She was born in the USA in 2015. Dancer is sired by "Martin's Mardi Gras Two Tone Tom E" which is a son by "B&L's Rock "E" Marti Gra" and "Royal Tamarix", both being superior champion earners.

Dancer's dam is sired by "B&L's Rock "E" Mr. Morgan (HOF)".

Dancer is very tiny and elegant, and has stunning ice blue eyes. She has a very calm and friendly character, and she is really easy going for such a young girl. And she is tiny, but she moves awesome too.

She will be exposed to "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses" for a 2021 ASPC/AMHR foal.

Dahvynya's Ramesses' Ballerina

Ballerina was born in 2018 and is a gorgeous blue eyed ASPC/AMHR/BMP girl sired by "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses". She is truly stunning, she already has an amazing show attitude and a very upright neck. She is a bay splashed white overo (LWO-) just like her dam "HLC Rock "E" Blue eyed Dancer".

She can move spectaculer and she always flags her tail. She loves attention and is very friendly and human focussed. She will mature around 37".

Lilac Hills Cleopatra

Cleopatra is a black splashed white ASPC/AMHR/BMP mare born in the US in 2014. She is sired by our "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses" and out of Rhapsody's Elegant Design (HOF). She looks just like her sire except for his blue eyes. She can move as spectacular too.

She has a great & funny personality and is very friendly.

Rayvik Champagne N Dreamy Kisses

Dreamy is a stunning ASPC/AMHR/BMP flly that was born in the US. She is a buckskin & homozygous splashed white overo and does not have LWO. She has an amazing pedigree, we are really happy to add more Rhapsody blood to our herd.

Her looks are also to die for. She has a very nice & long neck which she can use.

We can't wait to match her to our stallion Ramesses in the future and see a lot of stunning & colorfull foals.

Strasslein Mardi Gras Up till Dawn

Dawn is a stunning bay overo ASPC/AMHR/BMP mare sired by superior sire "B&L's Rock "E" Mardi Gra (HOF)". She is the smallest of our amazing Mardi Gra daughters. She was born in the US in 2008. She is a great mover and has a very sweet character.

She was shown a little bit and did very well. She is a 2015 National All star Champion.

Erica's Trotters Something Special

Special is a stunning dark bay foundation ASPC/AMHR/BMP mare that was born in the US in 2016. She has a pedigree to die for. She is 37" and a good mover. Furthermore she has a beautifull conformation and awesome markings too. She has 4 long white legs and a pretty face with a whide blaze. And she does not carry Lethal White Overo.

On top of that she is an easy and sweet mare that is very wel behaved too.

She had a stunning 2020 filly by ASPC Congress Champion 2017 & 2018 "Lilac Hills Keno's Chroman Roman" AKA and is exposed to Ramesses for a 2021 foal.

Dahvynya's Ramesses' Panacea

Panacea is a beautifull ASPC/AMHR/BMP filly that was born in 2019. She is a splashed white overo that does not have lethal white. She is a sweet and relaxed girl with a soft and friendly charakter. She is a fantastic mover, she has a pretty head, a smooth body and a good upright posture.

Just like her dam Belle, she is a big girl so she might mature a bit over 38".

Dahvynya's Ramesses'  Tauriel

Tauriel is the first ASPC/AMHR/BMP foal that is bred en born at Dahvynya Stables. Furthermore she is is the first American Shetland pony born in Europe by "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses". She is at the moment also the only European bred American Shetland pony foal that is also AMHR and BMP registered.

She is a minimal splashed white overo and LWO- (so she has no lethal white genes).

This girl does not only look amazing, she is really sweet and has a very soft personality. Her legs are amazing. We are so exciting by this refined and elegant girl, she will be retained.

She will exposed to "Lilac Hills Keno's Paid in Spades" for a 2021 ASPC/AMHR foal.

Dahvynya's Axel's Prima Donna

The first foal sired by our amazing ASPC/AMHR/BMP stallion "Lilac Hills Keno's Paid in Spades" is a stunning 2019 foundation ASPC/AMHR/BMP filly out of our "Dahvynya's Ramesses' Tauriel".

She is jet black and has no white markings and a very good conformation. She has a very proud and friendly character and she just loves attention. She has a pretty head, a gorgeous neck and a beautifull smooth body. She can move and loves to show.

EBF So Chique Dude's Pure Gold

Goldy is a stunning AMHR/BMP mare that was born in 2016 in France. She is 50% ASPC, and has a fantastic conformation and pedigree. She is a buckskin frame overo and has two blue eyes. She is around 35" and a good mover.

She is very sweet and well behaved girl that loves attention.

For 2021 she is in foal to "Lilac hills Keno's Paid in Spades" for an AMHR/BMP foal that will be 75% ASPC.

CMC Queen Nefertiti

Nefertiti is a stunning ASPC/AMHR/BMP filly born in the US in 2018. She is black homozygous splashed white overo, which is does not have LWO.

We love her bloodlines which are a bit similar as our multiple American & European Grand Champion ASPC/AMHR stallion Ramesses. But she also has some of the famous Hersey bloodline via her dam.

Lilac Hills Miss Side Hustle

Miss side hustle is a 2019 ASPC/AMHR/BMP tobiano bay filly that was born in the US. Her sire is de amazing "B&L's Rock "E" Mr. Morgan" just like our stallion Mr. don't think Twice and our mare Miss Moneypenny.

Without any training or sweats she was a multiple ASPC 2019 Congress top 3 in the futurity, sweepstakes and in the open class.

Ozark Mtn's Treasures White Diamonds

Diamond is a stunning and tiny blue eyed cremello ASPC/AMHR/BMP filly. She is small, refined, a fantastic mover and elegant. She has a very arabic expression. Her sire "Ozark Mtn's Treasure Hunter" is a multiple AMHR National and multiple Congress Champion in both halter and performance. He also sired both Congress and AMHR Champions. Diamond was born in the USA in 2016. Diamonds' dam is Master's and Michigan bred.

Diamond is already a 2017 ASPC champion in halter and performance.

She is in foal to "Lilac Hills Keno's Paid in Spades" for a 2021 foal.

Lazy Creeks Limited Edition

Limited Edition is a beautifull 2019 ASPC/AMHR/BMP filly that was born in the US. She is a dark bay tovero with two stunning blue eyes. We really like her wild markings. And furthermore she is a very good mover and has a good conformation.

Her grandmother who is sired by "Wauk-a-Way Limited Edition" is actually a granddaughter of our senior first premium and multiple Grand Champion "Wauk-a-Way's Feature Addition".

Silver Meadows Painted in Chrome

Painted in Chrome is a blue eyed foundation ASPC/AMHR/BMP mare that was born in the US in 2017. At the 2017 AMHR Nationals she was in the top 3. She is a black frame overo with fantastic loud markings. She is small and really refined.

For 2021 she is confirmed in foal to "Graham's Little Hoss", a small AMHA/AMHR/ASPC stallion.

Roy-Al M High Class Royalty

Royalty is a gorgeous frame overo foundation ASPC/AMHR/BMP mare that was born in the US in 2019. She has spectular markings and a good conformation. Loud frame overo's with such great markings are rare within the ASPC's. She will stay small and we can't wait for her to mature & match her to our stallions in the future.

She is very refined and has a pretty, small head and very long legs.

Secret Meadows Lucy in the Sky

Sky is our our blue roan sabino overo ASPC/AMHR/BMP/NMPRS mare, an all star national award 2014 winner out of the Congress Champion sire, Hall of Fame sire, multiple HOF point earning sire and 2011 Allstars Reserve Champion Get of Sire " Hopwood's Silver Raine". She is LWO-.

She is a beautifull match to our stallion Ramesses.

Sky has a very friendly character, she loves attention and has a a well behaved personality.

She is exposed to "Dahvynya's Kryptonite's Clark" for a 2021 ASPC foal.

Dahvynya's Ramesses' Eowyn

Eowyn is a very pretty ASPC/AMHR/BMP filly with one blue eye. She is a dark bay tobiano & splashed white overo that does not carry lethal white overo. She has very long legs and beautiful markings.

She will probably mature around 37-38 inch. She is a friendly and naughty girl, that loves to play.

PPF Twisters Valentine Kiss

Kiss is our sweet silverdapple bay sabino overo ASPC/AMHR/BMP/NMPRS mare out of the ASPC/AMHR stallion "Spirit's Rock E Twister". He sired Multiple Congress Champions/Reserve Champions, a Congress Sweepstakes Champion, Multiple Area Futurity Champions, an All-Star Champion and as of 2014 is the sire of TWO Hall of Fame earners! She has double "Bar-G's Rock E (HOF)" bloodlines.

She is a beautifull match to our stallion Ramesses. She is LWO- too.

Kiss has a very curious, naughty and soft character. It's amazing how long her legs are and how refined she is. She has a gorgeous little head with big eyes.

Sundance LB Fashion Design

Fashion is a very pretty 37 inch sorrel sabino overo foundation ASPC/AMHR/BMP/NMPRS mare. She has old bloodlines and is 50% Arenosa bred. The Arenosa ponies are famous for their movement and refinement.

Fashion is a big and very spectacular mover, she is very curious and has a very soft and gentle character. She is very well behaved and easy to handle.

She is a proven boodmare, her foals are all stunning and have her spectacular movent.

She will be exposed to "Lilac Hills Keno's Paid in Spades" for a 2022 ASPC/AMHR foal.

Dahvynya's Axel's Perla Nera

Perla Nera is a jet black foundation ASPC/AMHR/BMP mare that was born in 2019. She is probably going to mature around 36-37 inch. She is a very friendly girl that is a fantastic mover and she loves to show too. She has a pretty little head and no white markings.

She will be a future match to our young stallion Twice.

Dahvynya's Attraction's Back Pearl

Pearl is a almost completely jet black foundation ASPC/AMHR/BMP filly with only a white star. She has very long legs, a beautifull tiny head with very cute tipped ears. When she moves she flags her tail, this girl is gonna be a show stopper. She is a fantastic mover.

She was born on her dam's 19th birthday, which makes her extra special. She was born here in 2017 and will mature around 37".

She is exposed to "Lilac Hills Keno's Paid in Spades" for a 2021 ASPC/AMHR /BMP foal.

Strasslein Mardi Grass Earnyourbeads

Beads is a pinto AMHR/ASPC/BMP mare by "B&L's Rock "E" Mardi Gra (HOF)" and out of Martin's Painted Love Lee Lady". She was born in the USA in 2008. Her sire "B&L's Rock "E" Mardi Gra (HOF)" is not only hall of fame but also a superior sire.

Beads has a beautiful head, a very gentle personality, and is a great broodmare. Furthermore this girl can move.

She is exposed to "Lilac Hills Keno's Paid in Spades" for a 2021 ASPC/AMHR foal.

Dahvynya's Ramesses' Cleopatra

Cleopatra is a stunning 2017 jet black ASPC/AMHR/BMP filly with no white markings except for a star. Her sire is the amazing multiple AMHR American and European Grand Champion "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses".

This little girl has an amazing brave and friendly character as well as perfect conformation and looks. She will most likely mature around 35".

She is exposed to "Dahvynya's Kryptonite's Clark" for a 2021 foal.

Strasslein Mardi Gras Masquerade

Madquerade is a splashed white overo ASPC/AMHR/BMP mare sired by "B&L's Rock "E" Mardi Gra (HOF)". He is not only hall of fame but also a superior sire. Her dam is "B&L's Rock "E" New Millineum "2". She is homozygous splashed white overo and LWO-. She was born in the USA in 2012.

She is a good mover and she loves to show too. This photo was taken when she was heaviliy in foal. Her first foal in The Netherlands, Hera, is one of our best foals ever.

Dahvynya's Attractions Hera

"Strasslein Mardi Gras Masquerade" is the dam of our stunning bay splashed white overo 2018 filly Hera. She is homozygous splashed white and LWO-. She is gorgeous and sired by "Wauk-a-Way's Feature Attraction".

Her looks are to die for. She has two blue eyes, tipped ears and a very nice upright posture. Furthermore, she is very friendly and loves attention. She is a fantastic mover too, this girl has it all.

She is ASPC/AMHR/BMP registered.

Dahvynya's Ramesses' Athena

Athena is a bay splashed white overo ASPC/AMHR/BMP mare that was born in 2019 with one blue eye & 4 white feeth. She is a very refined mare with long legs and she has an awesome Modern ASPC movement. She does not have Lethal White (LWO).

She is getting more beautifull each month and has a sweet and soft character with a spunky side too.

Dahvynya's Ramesses' Aphrodite

This dark brown 2018 filly is ASPC/AMHR/BMP registered. She has a perfect conformation. She has 4 white feet, a blue eye and has a shy and soft personality. Her sire is "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses" and her dam is "Strassleins Mardi Gras Earn your Beads". She is a splashed white overo that does not have lethal white (LWO).

She can move so spectacular, she has the extreme movement of a Modern ASPC and also has a great show attitude. Aphrodite will most likely mature around 37 inch.

Lilac Hills Miss Moneypenny

The cute Miss Moneypenny is a foundation ASPC/AMHR/BMP mare sired by the amazing "B&L's Rock "E" Mr. Morgan (HOF)". She was born in the US in 2018. Several of his foals became Grand Champion at congress in 2018, which is quite unique since foals usually do not beat senior horses.

Her dam is sired by "Tsl's Raven's Nighthawk (HOF)". She is a black sabino overo just like her sire and dam. She has a fantastic proud show attitude and she is a very good mover too. She is a friendly, curious and naughty girl.

Just like her dam Raven she is tiny and will mature under 37".