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Specialized in overo american miniature (AMHR) and shetland horses  (ASPC) 

For sale / Te koop

Dahvynya's Ramesses' Hephaestion

Hephaestion is an ASPC/BMP colt born in 2018 that can also be NMPRS registered. He is a silverdapple bay sabino and splashed white overo, furthermore he is LWO-. So he will never give a lethal white foal. He will be awesome as a future stud and will produce great conformation and lots of color.

He has a very sweet and soft personality. He has very long legs and can move with those spectacular too.

He is for sale for 2000 euro.

Dahvynya's Chief's Little Snowflake

Snowflake is a 2018 AMHR/BMP colt that can be NMPRS registered too. He is a tiny chestnut overo colt with two blue eyes that could be hardshipped into AMHA in the future. He is probably splashed white, sabino and frame overo.

So far this is the only colt sired by "WMM Chief Tomahawk" that was born here ever, so this is a unique chance to own a son of Chief. We think Snowflake is Chief's most stunning foal so far.

He is for sale for 1500 euro.

Dahvynya's Ramesses' Hercules

Hercules is an ASPC/AMHR/BMP 2018 colt which can be NMPRS registered too. He has a perfect conformation and awesome markings. He is a black sabino and splashed white overo colt with one blue eye that is LWO-. So he can never produce a lethal white foal.

He has 4 very long white legs and a stunning head with tipped ears. He is only a couple of hours old on this photo, but his looks are already amazing. His dam Belle is our best moving horse and the combination with his sire "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses" is spectacular.

He is for sale for 3500 euro.

Wauk a Way's Feature Attraction

Attraction is a 38" frame overo black ASPC/AMHR/BMP/NMPRS stallion. It's very rare to find an american shetland miniature with such loud frame overo markings. He is the 2016 ASPC European National Champion in halter. Attraction is a 2017 multiple Grand Champion as well as a reserve Supreme Champion. Furthermore, he is approved as a stud with a first premium.

He was born in 2002 in the USA. Attraction's foals are stunning, he has produced multiple national champions. He is homozygous black, so will not give any chestnut foals.

Attraction is a sweet boy, who is easy to handle and very well behaved.

He is for sale for 5000 euro.