Dahvynya Stables

Specialized in overo american miniature (AMHR) and shetland horses  (ASPC) 


Dahvynya's Ramesses' Hercules

Hercules is a stunning sabino and splashed white overo ASPC/AMHR/BMP colt. His markings are just as amazing as those of his dam Belle. He is sired by "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses" and is also LWO-.

His legs are really long and his head is gorgeous.

Dahvynya's Ramesses' Aphrodite

This dark brown filly will be ASPC/AMHR/BMP registered. She has a perfect conformation. She has 4 white feet, a blue eye and already a very friendly personality. Her sire is "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses".

Dahvynya's Ramesses' Ballerina

Our first filly in 2018 is a gorgeous blue eyed ASPC/AMHR/BMP girl sired by "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses". She is truly stunning, she already has an amazing show attitude and a very upright neck. She seems to be a silverdapple bay splashed white overo (LWO-) just like her dam Dancer.

This tiny girl is going to be retained as a future match to our stallion Axel.

Dahvynya's Ramesses' Hephaestion

Hephaestion is a big silverdapple bay ASPC/AMHR colt with lots of chrome. We love the 4 white legs and big blaze. He is sired by "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses". His dam is our lovey mare Kiss who has fantastic Rock "E" bloodlines.

He is just a day old at this photo so he is not unfolded yet. He already seems to have very big movement too.

He is LWO-, so he can never produce a lethal white foal. He can also be registered with the NMPRS in the future.

Dahvynya's Chief Little Snowflake

Little Snowflake is a very tiny and cute AMHR/BMP chestnut overo colt sired by "WMM Chief Tomahawk". He is very special since we did not have a colt sired by Chief in al those years yet. This refined little boy has beautifull blue eyes and amazing looks.


Dahvynya's Ramesses' Spartacus

Spartacus is a stunning black tovero ASPC/AMHR/BMP colt with a blue left eye. He has a very upright posture and already moves really spectacular. His sire is our ASPC/AMHR/BMP/NMPRS stallion "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses" and his dam is the ASPC/AMHR/BMP/NMPRS mare "SMHC's Fabulous Victoria".

We are very happy that Spartacus has been sold to an amazing family. He will be broken to drive in the future, he will be a show stopper.

Dahvynya's Ramesses' Tiberius

This amazing boy will be ASPC/BMP registered. He seems to be a minimal overo blue roan, just like his dam. He is sired by our stunning "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses".

Tiberius has very long legs and a very nice small head. Furthermore he is only a few days old here and already loves attention.

This stunning boy will be retained as a gelding to become the future ASPC show horse for our daughter Dahvynya.

Dahvynya's Ramesses' Cleopatra

Cleopatra is a stunning jet black ASPC/AMHR/BMP filly with no white markings except for a star. Her sire is the amazing multiple AMHR American and European Grand Champion "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses".

This little girl has an amazing brave and friendly character as well as perfect conformation and looks.

She will be retained.

Dahvynya's Ramesses' Minco

Minco is a stunning bay overo colt with blue eyes. He will be BMP and AMHR registered and can also be transferred into the NMPRS in the future. He is a shetland blend sired by our stunning "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses". He is tiny and will stay under 34 inch.

His dam "Dahvynya's Chief's Suprise" is sired by our AMHR/BMP/NMPRS stallion "WMM Chief Tomahawk".

His looks are amazing; four white long legs, a short back and a long neck. He seems to be a sabino and splashed white overo.

This beautifull tiny boy will be retained as a gelding to become a future AMHR under show horse for our daugher Dahvynya.

Dahvynya's Back Pearl

Pearl is a almost completely jet black ASPC/AMHR/BMP filly with only a white star. She has very long legs, a beautifull tiny head with very cute tipped ears. When she moves she flags her tail, this girl is gonna be a show stopper.

She was born on her dam's 19th birthday, which makes her extra special. This stunning girl will be retained.

Dahvynya's Chief's Strawberry

Strawberry is a chestnut overo AMHR/BMP filly by "WMM Chief Tomahawk" and out of our mare "Daddy's Fancy Gal vd Peelhoeve". She has amazing blue eyes and a perfect tiny conformation. She has a stunning arabian tiny head with an amazing dish.

She is only a few days old here and has a long fluffy wintercoat, but she still looks fantastic! Furthermore she loves attention and she can move.

This cute girl is sold to a fantastic home in Belgium together with her mother.

Dahvynya's Ramesses' Alexander

Alexander is a stunning black minimal splashed white overo ASPC/BMP colt sired by "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses". He is LWO-, so he does not carry the lethal white gene. He is only a couple of days old on this photo, so he has not unfolded yet, but he still looks amazing. He has very straight and correct legs, which are very long and elegant. He has a nice short back and an upright hooky neck. And underneath all the fluffy wintercoat a very refined head. Furthermore he is already very friendly and comes to you to get attention.

So far "Erica's Pharoahs Ramesses" did not give any full american shetland pony colts in Europe yet, only overseas in America. So this little boy is the first. He is named after Alexander the Great.


Dahvynya's Ramesses'  Tauriel

Tauriel is our first ASPC foal that is bred en born in Europe by "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses". She is at the moment the only European bred American Shetland pony foal that is also AMHR and BMP registered.

She is a jet black minimal splashed white overo and LWO- (so she has no lethal white genes).

This girl does not only look amazing, she is really sweet and has a very soft personality. Her legs are amazing. We are so exciting by this refined and elegant girl, she will be retained.

Dahvynya's Ramesses' Maximus

Maximus is a stunning american shetland blend. He is a brown splashed white overo NSPPR/BMP colt out of "LDI's Dandy Four Sox" and by our ASPC/AMHR/BMP/NMPRS stallion "Erica's Pharaohs Ramesses".

He is really elegant and refined, and has amazing blue eyes. Maximus has a little, chique and dished arabian head. He has a perfect conformation and his legs are very long. He is LWO-, so he has no lethal white genes.

He already loves attention and is a funny, naughty little fellow. He is full of energy and is always in for a game. He has a perfect, brave show attitude.

He has been to several show and come home each time with first places and a reserve grand championship.

He has been sold to a Vet in the Netherlands.


DS Lady Lara Croft

Her dam is our Welsh A mare Arwen and her sire is the Rocky Mountain Horse stallion "Silver Sunrise Mountain Trooper". She seems to be a silverdapple buckskin. Her legs are really long and she is even not unfolded yet. She is only a few hours old on this photo, but she can already move big.

We are really happy that we finally have a filly out of Sunrise. Lara is such a sweet and well behaved girl. She just loves attention.

This stunning girl has been sold to a very lovely young lady from The Netherlands.

DS Chief's Lizzy

Lizzy is a overo AMHR/BMP filly out of WMM Chief Tomahawk and Eye Candy v.d. Witte Gracht. Lizzy has a curious and friendly character and has a perfect conformation.

Lizzy is a 2015 AMHR reserve European National Champion.

She has been sold to a very loving family in The Netherlands.

DS Chief's Alice

Alice is a palomino overo blue eyed AMHR/BMP/NMPRS filly out of WMM Chief Tomahawk and Daddy's Fancy Gal van de Peelhoeve. She seems to be splashed white and sabino overo. She has the super friendly character of her mother, she just loves attention. She has it all, looks, conformation, movement and character.

Alice is a 2015 foal AMHR European National Champion. As well as a 2015 reserve AMHR mare and foal European National Champion together with her dam Daddy's Fancy Gal van de Peelhoeve. Alice also won the 2015 AMHR European National Champion, produce of dam (Daddy's Fancy Gal vd Peelhoeve) together with her sister Eye Candy vd Witte Gracht.

Alice is sold to a fantastic home in Belgium together with her mother.


DS Chief's Surprise

Surprise is a blue eyed medicine hat palomino overo AMHR/BMP/NMPRS filly out of WMM Chief Tomahawk and Eye Candy van de Witte Gracht.

This is the first foal out of WMM Chief Tomahawk, and Surprise is everything what I hope for. Looks, character and color, she has it all! She has the long legs of her sire, and her dams beautifull head. She is very friendly.

After retaining her stunning son Dahvynya's Ramesses' Minco, she has joined the herd of Dahvynya's Ramesses' Maximus in Zeeland in The Netherlands.

DS Sir Lancelot

Lancelot is a silverdapple amber champagne frame overo colt our of the amber champagne dun tovero APHA mare "CR Risk my Jacit" and the silverdapple rocky mountain horse stallion "Silver Sunrise Mountain Trooper". He is a full brother of DS Lord Elrond. 

He is amazing, so friendly, so pretty, such awesome color. Lancelot's genetic color is EE Aa Chch Zz, that means he is homozygous black too, just as mum. He will never produce a chestnut foal. He would be an awesome stud.

He is elegant, has long legs, is very proud, and moves stunning and is gaited. I'm not sure if we will geld this little gem.

This stunning sweet boy has been sold to Belgium.



DS Lady Galadriƫl

Lady is a chestnut medicine hat tovero (tobiano and splashed white overo, and LWO-) AMHR/BMP mare with blue eyes. She was born here in 2013. Her dam is our AMHR/BMP mare Fancy. Her sire is the AMHA/AMHR stallion "Golden Oak UK Tomahawk".


Lady is one of the most friendly mares we have. She has gorgeous manes and tail, and awesome markings. Her expected heigt is about 34-35 inch.


She has been sold to the UK.

DS Lord Elrond

Elrond is the first foal out of our APHA mare Lucy and the rocky mountain horse stallion "Silver Sunrise Mountain Trooper".

He is exceptionally friendly and well behaved for such a young stallion. He got the stunning grulla color from his dam, and the elegant and long legged looks of his sire. He is also gaited.

He truly is the great friendly giant. Elrond is homozygous black, just like his dam. It's a smart and sensitive guy, who will be great to work with!

Elrond has been sold. We miss this stunning beauty!